Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations (COBWRA)

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COBWRA Committees

CODE ENFORCEMENT COMMITTEE  (est. 1985) The Code Enforcement Committee serves as an intermediary between COBWRA and the Code Enforcement Division of Palm Beach County. When a potential code violation is identified within the COBWRA service area, the chair of the Code Enforcement Committee will both inform the appropriate individuals at the County and follow up.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE (est. 2009) COBWRA’s Communications Committee is responsible for the communications to four audiences: COBWRA delegates and alternates, the residents of member associations, elected and appointed officials, and the public. The committee works closely with other committees including Government Affairs and Media and Public Relations. Activities of the committee include creating COBWRA Meeting “Highlights,” assisting the President with letters and other communications, creating announcements for programs and special events, disseminating internal announcements, posting meeting announcements for print and Internet, preparing and publishing community-relevant materials, photographs, and resources for print and Internet, submitting a monthly column for Nostalgic America magazine, and assisting with producing white papers on special topics. The Communications Committee is not responsible for the production of the COBWRA Directory or COBWRA maps.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE (est. 1993) The Education Committee strives to support pre-K–12 public schools and increase community education/lifelong learning opportunities in West Boynton Beach by establishing cooperative relationships that include, but are not limited to, the School District of Palm Beach County, its board members, and county leaders and state legislators. The committee also evaluates and makes informed recommendations to COBWRA about policies and legislation that affect public education.

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE  (est. 2006) The Government Affairs Committee seeks to monitor and inform COBWRA members on matters regarding governmental issues and legislation that may have an impact on homeowner associations. It seeks to be proactive in reaching out to government representatives as necessary to best serve the needs and interests of COBWRA. Prior to each Legislative Session, the Committee establishes a list of legislative priorities of importance to the COBWRA area and presents that list to the Delegates for approval. The Committee then addresses those issues with Legislators.

GROWTH MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (est. 1981) The Growth Management Committee meets monthly with developers, property owners, and their agents to review proposals and ensure the proposals meet the needs of the area and follow the West Boynton Area Community Plan and Design Guidelines. The Coalition maintains an interactive relationship with officials of the Palm Beach County Department of Planning, Zoning & Building and reviews proposals as they appear on County agendas. COBWRA officers speak before county approval hearings in support of, or in opposition to, proposals. Often COBWRA recommends approval with specific conditions. Most developers have learned that it is best to have COBWRA’s support before requesting county approvals. Growth management issues are discussed at COBWRA’s monthly Growth Management Committee meeting, and the Coalition extends invitations to community representatives and to the public for their comments and suggestions.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS COMMITTEE (est. 2009) The Health and Wellness Committee provides educational information to members of COBWRA’s communities on health issues affecting their families. The committee establishes relationships with area hospitals to provide education through lectures and through symposia and panels of experts. When necessary, the committee will arrange immunization and vaccination programs for member communities.

HISTORIAN AND ARCHIVIST COMMITTEE (est. 2012) The work of the Historian and Archivist Committee is to record and archive residential and commercial development in West Boynton Beach. The committee takes photos of sites, boundary lines, roads, and the Lake Worth Drainage District (LWDD) canals. It archives local county projects and construction plans of residential and commercial developers, as well as photos and related articles printed in the local newspapers. These plans, photos, and newspaper clips are showcased on display boards for delegates and the public to enjoy at meetings and other milestone events.

MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE (est. 2010) The COBWRA Public Relations Committee writes and distributes press releases to the media and serves as the organization’s principal contact with the media.

MEETING LOCATIONS COMMITTEE (est. 2011) The Meeting Location Committee oversees the Host Community Program and is responsible for identifying and confirming locations for COBWRA’s  monthly delegate meetings.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE (est. 1981) The Membership committee is charged with increasing membership in COBWRA and retaining current members. COBWRA was first organized by seven member communities. Today, the membership has grown to 112 communities.

PARKS AND RECREATION COMMITTEE (est. 1988) The Parks and Recreation Committee works toward expanding parks and recreational facilities in the West Boynton area. Through the County’s Parks and Recreation Department and with help from County Commissioners, COBWRA advocates to receive its fair share of county funds for parks and recreational facilities in the West Boynton area.

PROGRAMS  PLANNING COMMITTEE (est. 1982) COBWRA’s Program Planning Committee identifies and organizes programs of interest to the members for the monthly delegate meetings, contacts potential speakers, and sends thank-you notes to speakers following  the meetings. The Committee is responsible for all aspects of the presentations including set-up and audio-visual needs.

RECLAIMED WATER COMMITTEE (est. 1988) The committee provides information, suggestions, and advice to any community seeking to gain knowledge about any aspect of reclaimed water. Reclaimed water is produced by the Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department. By processing and storing the liquid content of countywide sewage, the treated water is distributed by a network of color-coded pipes to irrigate landscaping in communities by direct input to the individual irrigation systems or by discharge into community lakes that serve as a reservoir for irrigation water. The treated water therefore reduces the need to use drinking water for landscaping irrigation and is a cost effective conservation use for reclaimed water.

ROADS AND TRAFFIC COMMITTEE (est. 1988) The Roads and Traffic Committee works with the Growth Management Committee to ensure that local roads can meet the capacity for traffic generated by a project proposed. The committee works to inform communities of upcoming construction projects and inspects the roads and bridges and informs the County’s Traffic Division of any excess wear or dangerous conditions.

SAFETY AND SECURITY FORUM (est. 2007) The Safety and Security Committee conducts monthly meetings featuring a variety of speakers including the PBSO District 6 Captain. The Committee attendees are charged with sharing the information presented with the residents of their communities. Meetings are open to COBWRA community security officers, delegates, alternates, HOA presidents/property managers, and COBWRA member community homeowners.

TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE (est. 2017) The COBWRA Transportation Committee objectives are to monitor the operations of the roads and traffic within the COBWRA area and vicinity, and report the same to the Executive Board. The Transportation Committee will attend appropriate meetings of the Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Florida Department of Transportation, and Palm Beach County, to express the needs and concerns of residents in the COBWRA area. Special attention will be given to roadways, traffic operations, public transit, bicycles, and pedestrian safety.

WEST BOYNTON COMMUNITY PLAN COMMITTEE (est. 1981) The West Boynton Plan was first developed in November 1996 and was known as the Boynton Beach Turnpike Interchange Corridor Plan. It was proposed by COBWRA with volunteer help from local land planners, the County of Palm Beach, and the City of Boynton Beach. Since 1996, the area has vastly changed. In 2010, COBWRA re-formed a committee to update the guidelines. It is now called the West Boynton Area Community Plan Design Guidelines and provides the standards for future development. As of today, it is a working project and will be reviewed once completed. County regulations supersede this plan, and some of our suggestions exceed the county requirements. The committee is comprised of of COBWRA members, land planners, representatives from the Palm Beach County Department of Planning, Zoning & Building, as well as a local architect and a representative from the City of Boynton Beach.