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Ag Reserve Letter

The information you complete in the form below (located below the letter) will automatically be inserted into the following letter and will be emailed to each of the seven (7) County Commissioners. If you prefer to send your own letter or email click here for the County Commissioners’ contact information. 

Dear Palm Beach County Commissioner:

I have been a Palm Beach County Resident for _____ years. I write you to voice my strong opposition to any change to the County’s Comprehensive Plan that increases residential density in the Agricultural Reserve. Like many of my neighbors, I chose to live in the area for the growth restrictions of the Agriculture Reserve. I do not want the area to become overdeveloped like Broward County. We must have managed sensible growth in our area.

The sanctity of the Agricultural Reserve is being destroyed by GL Homes’ proposal to shift density from Northwestern Palm Beach County into West Boynton Beach. I ask you to respect and uphold the voters’ decision to limit residential growth and protect the agricultural industry in the Agricultural Reserve. The increased number of homes will put an unbearable strain on an area which is already deficient in many fundamental services required for a community of its size (i.e. parks, libraries, and schools).

I urge you to vote NO against GL Homes’ proposal or any future proposal that undermines the managed growth restrictions in the Agricultural Reserve.

Very truly yours,


Ag Reserve Letter