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Call to Action: Lake Worth Drainage District

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To: Ms. Reagan Walker, Assistant Executive Director, LWDD
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Mr. Tommy Strowd, Executive Director, LWDD
Lake Worth Drainage District Board 

I OPPOSE ITEM 12 OF THE LWDD BOARD OF SUPERVISORS AGENDA OF APRIL 15, 2020.  “Approval of appraisal and minimum bid for development rights within the Ag Reserve and authorization to solicit a Request for Bids for sale of development rights (RI-20-0007 – Tommy Strowd, Executive Director.)

I am opposed to the move by LWDD to sell 313 acres of “development rights” on canal rights-of-way (land extending outward from the canal.) The 313 units would be transferred to future development in the Agricultural Reserve, resulting in 313 more homes being built than allowed by the County Comprehensive Plan.

LWDD attempted this scheme five years ago and Palm Beach County said no, ruling that canal rights-of-way “owned by a public agency and utilized for right of way purposes are not eligible to be AGR-PDD Preserve Areas for acreage calculations or for density purposes.” It was found to be inconsistent with the county’s growth management plan and of “no benefit.”

This is land owned by a public agency supported by public tax money.  The land is utilized as a canal and right of way. It is not abandoned nor fallow.  LWDD clears it and assures that no structures are erected on it. To call it a preserve parcel is an intentional misdirection.

Surrounding communities cannot sustain an increase in density.  I support the County position that canals and the land adjacent are not eligible for sale as preserve parcels.

FURTHER, the entire nation is under a state of emergency.  We, the People, are isolated and sequestered, unable to meet and exercise the right to assemble and protest in person an action of great importance to us.   Nothing about this can be considered “keep government open” or “normal “business-at-hand”. Business throughout the world is suspended. This matter should be suspended as well. 


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