Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations (COBWRA)



February 2017 Meeting Highlights

Valencia Pointe – February 15, 2017 Meeting Highlights
Presidents Report

President Glen Harvie:

  • Called for a quorum, called the meeting to order and led the delegates in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Introduced Valencia Pointe delegate Linda Levine who remembered Delegate Mae Yates who passed away two years ago, Valencia Pointe President Bill Lazarus welcomed COBWRA for their 5th meeting at Valencia Pointe and commented on their passion on issues supported by COBWRA.
  • Introduced Ron Seifer of Valencia Pointe, who spoke on the Mosaic lawn virus and the work putting together a committee to help provide information on this disease that has been killing lawns in our
  • Contact Walter Gassner (828) 387-5455 of Avalon Estates to join their new Pickleball league
  • Contact Horold Brown if you would like to join COBWRA’s new Water and Wetlands Committee
  • Asked Delegates for input on topics for the upcoming trip with Phil Barlage, Bruce Brodsky and Barbara Roth in Tallahassee for PBC
  • Introduced President Andrea Levine of Valencia Cove and called for a vote to confirm Valencia Cove as a new member to COBWRA which was unanimous. Andrea thanked COBWRA for their help throughout their transition from GL homes, and mentioned the work she has already been participating on, with Stan Sherman on COBWRA’s Strategic Plan.
  • 1st Vice President Phil Barlage presented the legislative positions supported by the COBWRA’s Government Affairs Committee, COBWRA Executive Board and subsequently approved by the Delegates after the presentations.
    • SB788 – Marketing Practices for Substance Abuse Services
      • Changes agencies which investigate/prosecute patient brokering, licensing and regulating substance abuse programs
      • Restricts money/benefits/marketing practices relating to patient referrals
    • SB538 – Charter School Requirements and Accountability
      • Requires schools must fulfill a need and be accountable
      • Students must meet high standards and parents are provided academic progress of students
    • SB78 & HB67 – Recess in Public School
      • Requires all schools K-5 have at least 20 min/day of recess
    • SB306 – Increased Ethics Requirement for our Legislatures
      • Prohibits representatives in government voting on bills when they will profit personally from the vote

Elected Officials Reports

  • County Commissioner Mary Lou Berger read an email from George Webb that the connector road between Lyons and Acme Dairy Roads, which is necessary to alleviate traffic from the school and our future Park and Library, should be completed by
  • District 3 School Board Representative Karen Brill is hopeful a current bill will become law which swaps the ACT/SAT tests for the Florida Standardized Test. It also narrows the testing period to 3 weeks at the end of the year from the current 9 weeks with a third of the year still to come. Representative Brill also let COBWRA know our very own Education Committee Chair Sam Manuele will be a judge for the Dwyer

First Responders’ Reports

  • Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office District 6 Captain Christopher Keene reported on a recent program giving out 250 smoke detectors which helps to build trust and open line of communication between the residents and
  • Palm Beach County Fire Rescue HOA Liaison Tony Keeler reported that many communities are requesting Yellow Dot Presentations for their

Nominating Committee Chair Sharon Reuben read article 9 of COBWRA’s bylaws explaining the nomination and election process since this year was unprecedented as President Harvie will not seek an office and the committee’s recommendation for President had been a member of the committee. With legal guidance, that individual resigned from the committee prior to the committee making the recommendation for COBWRA Presidency. There were no nominations from the floor.

Nominating Committee’s slate of officers:

President – Myrna Rosoff 1st Vice President – Phil Barlage 2nd Vice President – Bruce Brodsky Secretary – Debbie Murphy Treasurer – Beth Miller

Secretary Debbie Murphy reminded everyone to send updates on changes to the members of their community association boards.

Growth Management Chair Steve Oseroff presented two projects which were both supported by the COBWRA’s Growth Management Committee, COBWRA Executive Board and subsequently recommended for approval by the Delegates

Coconut Plaza at the SE corner of Military trail and Coconut lane

  • 7,400 square feet, 2-3 tenants retail/office/restaurant
  • Architecture similar to CVS already operating on the site
  • CVS and Cocoa Pine Estates worked with the developer and approved the current plan after a drive thru was eliminated

Palm Beach School for Autism expansion East of Lyons on Lantana

  • Expansion of existing building by 10,500 square feet
  • Accommodate 60 additional high school students
  • Eliminate “Place of Worship” use currently approved

Special Presentation

What Happens to the Everglades if West of State Road 7 is Developed?

Drew Martin, Conservation Chair, Sierra Club

The Agricultural Reserve is for farmers, not homes

  • Drainage in Palm Beach County is a situation that must be
  • Vacant land for water retention is necessary to address flooding; golf courses, cement and asphalt are not
  • Current roads are not built for the traffic if West of 441 is
  • Education as to land use to preserve the land is

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By Warren Danz

Next Delegates Meeting

March 15, 2017 at Valencia Lakes, 9:30 AM COBWRA Strategic Plan (Survey Results)

Stan Sherman, Strategic Plan Committee Chair