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Rosoff returns as president of Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations

Rosoff returns as president of Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations

By In Sun-Sentinel On May 2, 2017

By:  Sun-Sentinel

The Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations recently installed its officers for 2017-2018 during its delegates meeting at Banyan Springs.

“I am delighted to report that Myrna Rosoff will be installed as president of COBWRA,” said spokeswoman Sharon Reuben. “This is the first time in COBWRA’s history that a president who already served three consecutive one-year terms and was term-limited out was asked by the Nominating Committee to return after a year off to assume the presidency.”

Other officers installed include: first vice president Philip Barlage, second vice president Bruce Brodsky, secretary Debbie Murphy and treasurer Beth Miller.

Also in attendance were State Attorney Dave Aronberg, County Commissioners Steve Abrams, Mary Lou Berger and David Kerner, school board members, officials from representatives Lois Frankel and Lori Berman’s offices and Boynton Beach City Commissioner Joe Casello, among others.

Two issues up for vote included the Aladdin Road residential variance that passed 49-2 and the 53,000-square-foot retail and residential quadrant on Boynton Beach Boulevard and Hagen Ranch Road, which passed 36-15.

Palm Beach County Battalion Fire Chief Doug McGlynn thanked Lance Berkowitz and the CAB Corps. for donating ladders to the department.

“I wish Myrna good luck on implementing the strategic plan,” outgoing president Glen Harvie said.

COBWRA has made progress on its two biggest initiatives creating a park and library in the area but noted the Agriculture Reserve is in “full turmoil.”

“I can guarantee you, it will not look like it does today,” Harvie said, noting that development has made inroads into much of the formerly protected areas.

Rosoff thanked the crowd for her appointment.

“The moral of my story in coming back is, if you hang around long enough and work hard enough you may find the job of your dreams,” she said. “Even though it doesn’t come with pay, I work out of the love for the things that matter to me.”

“We have a continuity of purpose,” she added. “The park represents five years of hard work.”

She encouraged attendees to become a town crier for issues facing the group and community.

In addition to refocusing its efforts for the future of the Ag Reserve, on her agenda for the coming year is a review of the bylaws.

Referring to the changing nature of the Ag Reserve, Rosoff said, “We fought this change but times have changed. We’ve met it rationally; it’s become the 800-pound gorilla always on our shoulders.”

Rosoff insists that the one thing COBWRA will hold strong on is no development west of State Road 7.

“We will stand firm to protect the remaining preserve,” she said, noting that the comprehensive plan has been diminished.


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